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Occupational Consultancy

Our Services and Specialisms

Collins-Donnelly Consultancy has experience of delivering a variety of Occupational Consultancy services for organisations and businesses across the corporate, private, public and voluntary sectors, including for councils, schools and colleges, health, financial and legal services, Directors and Managers, sales teams, front line staff, customer service staff, etc.

Our Occupational Consultancy services include:

Occupational Wellbeing Consultancy 

At Collins-Donnelly Consultancy, we work with organisations in relation to the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace and its impact on areas such as performance, effectiveness, absenteeism, staff turnover and job satisfaction. 

This consultancy work includes:

  • Providing advice and training for senior leaders on occupational wellbeing

  • Conducting research on employee wellbeing
  • Developing and delivering preventative measures and support mechanisms for your staff to build emotional resilience in the workplace
  • Providing debriefing sessions for staff dealing with high pressure, high stress and traumatic incidents
  • Working with staff who are experiencing communication difficulties, conflict or excessive pressures to help them cope and achieve effective resolutions and work-life balance.


Mediation is a process by which an independent third party helps two or more parties (individuals or groups) who are experiencing relationship difficulties, disagreement or conflict to find their own solution(s) to the issues that they are facing and to reach mutual agreements to help make improvements to the situation.

A mediator’s role doesn’t involve telling the parties what to do and a mediator will not take sides. Instead, the role of a mediator is to ensure that all parties agree to rules of behaviour for the mediation process and to assess what steps are required as part of the mediation process. The mediation process is flexible and is tailored around the needs of each individual organisation.

Mediation services can be used to resolve workplace issues/conflict between staff, managers, teams or departments, external colleagues, suppliers and client groups.

We particularly specialise in working with departments or teams to resolve ‘difficult’ day-to-day issues that are hindering productivity, and to improve working relationships, staff morale and staff health. Difficulties often arise following change, such as cuts to budgets, resources and staffing levels, restructuring, downsizing, outsourcing, new staff appointments, and changes in working practices and procedures. They also arise due to communication issues and relationship difficulties.

Mediation services are being increasingly used by organisations today in order to resolve conflict and disputes; to improve working relationships, productivity, staff morale and communication; and to reduce staff absences, workplace stress and anxiety, and management time spent on conflicts. Mediation gives control back to staff and allows them to take responsibility for the conflict resolution in a safe and controlled environment. Thus, Collins-Donnelly Consultancy’s mediation services can bring huge practical benefits to an organisation both commercially and in terms of people management.

Business & Professional Development Coaching

Our business coaching services can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations. These confidential services aim to help improve performance, productivity, morale, relationships, communication and motivation and to help reduce professional and personal barriers.

Business coaching can involve both one-to-one and group coaching in areas such as leadership, facilitation, management skills, interpersonal skills, team building, motivation, dealing with conflict, reaching decisions, change management, dealing with difficult staff members, project management, and much more.

These services help to facilitate your business processes through support and guidance and by having an individual who will ask the right questions to help your organisation clarify its aims, effectively implement its goals and obtain solutions to problems faced within your sector. They also allow staff members to implement changes easier as they have a coach/facilitator to report back to and the changes can be worked on in stages.

At Collins-Donnelly Consultancy, we are also particularly experienced at providing individual or group professional development coaching sessions for senior leaders. Facilitated by a Registered Psychologist, these sessions combine business coaching techniques with evidence-based psychological theories and strategies to help achieve outstanding leadership.

We are also highly experienced in facilitating leadership development groups for professionals from a variety of sectors, including the education, health and HR sectors. Facilitated by a Registered Psychologist, the groups provide a needs-responsive and confidential forum in which senior leaders can work through practical solutions to the day to day issues they face; share ideas, strategies and best practice with each other; talk about the pressures of leadership; and discover strategies to improve their emotional wellbeing and further their professional skills in areas such as managing change, leadership, assertiveness, workload management, dealing with difficult staff behaviours, and work-life balance.

Change Management Consultancy

Our change management consultancy uses psychological principles and strategies to make change management more effective and to make change easier to cope with. Our work includes advising organisations on change management processes as well as supporting organisations and their members through change, including: 

  • Training staff on managing change and coping with change.

  • • Advising managers and leaders on the implementation of change and how to best manage its effects on staff.
  • • Producing literature for management and staff on how to deal with change in the workplace.
  • • Producing feedback and evaluation materials on change processes.
  • • Providing individual support for staff being impacted by change.

Change management services can be addressed to a variety of different staff groups or levels and they can focus on a particular department or team or an organisation as a whole.

For more information, please contact us

at or on 0114 4733300.

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