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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Consultancy

Collins-Donnelly Consultancy are highly experienced in providing critical incident stress management (CISM) consultancy for a wide range of organisations. This involves working with organisations in relation to how they respond to critical incidents by:

• Providing critical incident stress management training.

• Advising on the management of critical incidents, the impacts of critical incidents on staff and responses to specific critical incidents.

• Providing post-incident debriefing and defusing services to help your staff to express their feelings and opinions, come to terms with an event that has occurred, deal with their traumatic reactions, and identify how to move forward.

• Providing one-to-one therapeutic support for staff undergoing traumatic responses to critical incidents.

We can also help your managers to understand common reactions to a variety of critical incidents and crises that occur within your sector and how to refer staff on for additional support where appropriate.

For more information, please contact us

at or on 0114 4733300.

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