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Courses for the Education Sector

Types of Training

As professionals in the fields of training, psychology, therapy and coaching, we are extremely experienced in providing:

  • professional development and personal effectiveness courses for senior leaders

  • professional development courses for teaching staff

  • professional development courses for Mental Health Leads, pastoral staff and support staff

  • professional development and personal effectiveness courses for all school staff

  • emotional life skills training for pupils and families.



All the courses in this brochure are designed to help educational establishments to:


  • enhance teaching skills and improve the quality of teaching

  • enhance leadership and managerial skills

  • improve the quality of leadership and management

  • improve behaviour, aspirations, attendance and attainment

  • improve pupils’ readiness to learn

  • improve preventative and early intervention strategies to safeguard the well-being of pupils

  • help children and young people to improve their emotional resilience and their ability to cope with transitions

  • create more opportunities to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Course Delivery


Our courses are focused on the practical applications of the information learned, are highly interactive and are delivered with an

inclusive and flexible facilitation style that takes account of a variety of learning styles and appropriate teaching methods. The courses allow delegates to practice the theory and skills that they learn through a variety of practical tasks, including group exercises, example scenarios, role plays, individual exercises, debates and brainstorming.

The courses also allow a non-judgemental and proactive space for delegates to discuss their own real-life examples and explore problem solving methods. There will be ample opportunities for delegates to raise questions on the day, but questions that arise following the event can also be submitted via email.


Delegates will receive an array of course materials on the day, including presentation handouts, worksheets, and resources, along with a certificate on completion of the course. For senior leaders and their staff, the certificates will indicate the number of hours of CPD completed.

All the courses detailed in this brochure can be run in-house at your individual school or at an alternative venue arranged by you. We can deliver such courses for senior leaders, staff members, pupils or families from an individual school or from across a family of schools.


Our in-house courses can be run in a variety of formats from two-day, one-day or half-day courses to short workshops or talks - ideal for staff meetings, twilights and Inset days; senior leader meetings, study days or conferences; lessons, PHSE time and extra-curricular events; and parent events.

Further Information & Bookings


Short summaries of each course are provided in our course brochure (link below), To request a full course synopsis, to discuss your requirements or to make a booking, please give us a call on 07738816943 or drop us an email at . Please also visit .

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